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Out of Darkness

The tracks on this album are a culmination of a couple of years work, and follow a progression through a soundscape that explores several different areas. The music guides you through the buildup and collapse of a life - of a society - of a system. There are twenty tracks and a play time of over an hour leading not to a crash-bang finale, but with some of my favourite piano compositions.

New Music

All the music is original, and written by me. Please take the time to download the excellent quality preview tracks available. If you like what you hear then a professionally produced CD is available at an excellent price. It's my pleasure to supply the internet population at large with the opportunity to really enjoy the full power and quality of this music. Enjoy!

Technical stuff

The songs were predominantly produced with Yamaha sound modules (I just love the sound) with some professional mastering and mixing stuff going on to record it onto CD.

Playing the samples

The music is compressed up in MP3 in low and near CD quality. They'll play easily enough in any decent playerI hope you like them!

A (very) little about me...

I'm just this guy, you know! I've been writing music since before I could write English (almost) and after all those years hard work I now have a CD available. Computers by day, and music by night. Check out other music stuff I've been involved wtih at

Contacting me

Please drop me a mail on

CDs Available Online

I can supply screen printed top quality CDs to anyone that wants one. Find details on the purchase page. I used to have a record contract, but the company went bump, so now I just ship them myself for a very generous price.

This site was designed and created by myself and Dylan Rowland, who is a mate who happens to work professionally at this type of thing. He's at and would be happy to quote for all your WWW requirements. Also, thanks to Richard and Steve of Blue Chip studios for publishing me. All tracks or music in any form, computer generated or otherwise, are copyright Roger Foxcroft, and the album cover, reproduced with kind permission of He-Man records, is copyright Roger Foxcroft and He-man records. Feel free to distribute the samples as much as you like - the more who hear them the better.

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