Here are all the tracks from Out of Darkness. They are free to download and distribute. They are all covered by copyright, and any use of these tracks for any profit making purpose is prohibited - blah, blah, blah.

If you want the CD (which of course you will) then go to the purchase page.

On a personal note, I've really put a lot into this and I would appreciate you having a listen to the tracks. If you find, as many have, that you really want to hear the full quality then buy the CD. If it's not your thing, well what the hell - thanks for stopping by, and maybe you could tell a friend about this music so that they could see if they like it.

And now, waffle over - get a load of these tracks...

1. Future Echoes
2. Out of Darkness
3. Bright Star
4. Dark Moon
5. Civilisation
6. Lore
7. Affirmation
8. Tin Pot Army
9. Waiting
10. Millenia
11. Urban High
12. Dysfunction
13. Whiteout
14. Oblivion
15. Through the Mist
16. Handful of Men
17. Alone
18. Final Lullaby
19. Afraid of Waking
20. Last Man Fall
All tracks are copyright Roger foxcroft, and are free to download and distribute for non-commercial use.

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